Idol Tanggal 25 April 2014

American Idol Top 9 brought us in the 80s on Wednesday, playing the songs for a decade, they have never seen most of them. Ahhhhh, is 80 night on American Idol, the theme of the classic archetype that actually have one in the first years of the meaning of the show. In my last column in anticipation of American Idol, said that a singer, most of them Polish should. It was the cinema in the afternoon on American Idol in this episode, as the top-10 hit the Hollywood scene for his voice. It is that magical moment process of American Idol, when a few thousand, who spoke to the diez-estas happy, go on tour-circumcision and realize that after almost three months, finally mid season 14. There are singers who eliminated prematurely during each season of American Idol less talent compared to candidates in the contest to stay. All the American Idol Recaps 2014 news and search results, you can handle?¬†Well, ’ you have come to the right place! American Idol NET will offer once again the best place to find American Idol, 2014 spoilers, rumors, reviews and updates throughout the year. So make sure you visit Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds to take advantage of us, what seems to be a great season!American Idol judges. best friends Caleb Johnson and dry place Jena Irene 2014 are always beautiful American Idol music, long after the competition. American Idol winners and finalists of the tour ended recently and were their own way, but recently gathered for a fabulous duo of [,]. Winner of American Idol 2014 Caleb Johnson could beat a record, but it is not, you ’ ’ here I want to show off. The latest forecasts, the first album by Caleb ’ effort any American Idol winner could end up lower rotation ’ in the history of the album [-]. Winner of American Idol is Caleb Johnson testify about their new album debut on Tuesday, 12. If you ’ t wait a long time to feel that the winners of season 13 on your new CD is comba, you can continue and will do now! By [,]. The mystery of why the finalist of American Idol 2014 Dexter Roberts lost the tour has finally been resolved. Dexter was not on tour since early July and here there are no indication that you want to return. No information has been published about why it suddenly disappeared. [ . ]. Judge of American Idol Jennifer Lopez only 45 times but they don't ’ know its last series of self-portraits. The superstar singer and actress no doubt that her age and she is excellent all the ’ to show. [In fact, which celebrated its 45th anniversary sharing a trick for free [,]]. American Idol finalist Sam 2014 Woolf was certainly a fan favorite in season 13. Had the girl fainted and grandmothers Gurren during his Odeon in the show. Her new face, beautiful smile and soft voice quickly won him a legion of fans. Love Sam Woolf was more [-]. 2014 finalists of American Idol, the winner of Caleb Johnson, currently idol tanggal 25 april 2014 on tour throughout the country. According to fans that ’ View puts some impressive performances and there are many more data comes, they are still waiting to capture the finalists of American Idol-13 tour. American Idol [-]. Why is American Idol finalist 2014 Dexter Roberts on tour? Us ’ View received several questions from readers asking, why the country singer was absent from the tour for one week. Now it is the word of fellow finalists, who is ill, but [,];,.